A Fun Take On A Traditional Food In Belize: The Pizza Fry Jack!

BelizeLast month, we headed to Belize over Spring Break. This was the first visit to this Central American country for all of us.

While reading into Belize, I came across a bunch of traditional foods which sounded really tasty. One of them called the Fry Jack definitely stood out.

The Fry Jack is deep fried dough served with pretty much every breakfast we had. While the fried dough is typically served with breakfast foods, Kim and I said we could totally see it being topped with powdered sugar as a dessert. It reminded us of a zeppole or a beignet.

While on San Pedro/ Ambergis Caye, we heard about a restaurant called The Fry Jack House. Considering we all loved this traditional food, we made it a point to go there for breakfast one morning.Once inside this tiny shop, I knew what I was ordering before I even opened a menu.

Hanging above our table was a framed photo of the Pizza Fry Jack! When you love pizza as much as I do, this was not a debate!When this tasty take on a traditional food arrived, I couldn’t wait to dig in.

So how did the Pizza Fry Jack taste? One word: AWESOME!The dough was delicious, not overly heavy with a good texture. The sauce was pretty enjoyable and the cheese wasn’t bad.

In my opinion, the crust is the most important part of pizza. The Fry Jack definitely makes for a great pizza crust in a non-traditional way! BelizeHere’s a look at the undercarriage…

Final Thoughts:

We ate a good amount of pizza (and traditional food) during our time in Belize. I think its safe to say that this was the best pizza we had!

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2 thoughts on “A Fun Take On A Traditional Food In Belize: The Pizza Fry Jack!

  1. Caye Caulker > Ambergris Caye

    I was in Belize at the same time as you. We met several people who had been to both islands and all of them far preferred Caye Caulker. Much quieter, laid back, slower paced, cleaner.

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