Randomly Seeing The Most Important Sporting Event In Belize!

BelizeYesterday, we had a long day of travel. It took us two flights to arrive in Belize and a two hour car ride to get to our hotel in the Cayo District.

We decided to grab breakfast at our hotel. While Kim was making a coffee, she found out that the biggest sporting event in the country would be passing by!

The Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic started back in 1928. This is 92nd time the race is taking place. (We were told by a hotel employee that the cycling classic didn’t take place for the past two years due to COVID.)

After ordering our breakfast, Kim and I walked to the end of the street to see what was going on. We saw small groups of people one each side of the road standing around including a police officer.

After a couple of minutes, some of the cyclists started to pass by.We waited a few more minutes and then another wave or cyclists came through.I expected to see a huge pack of cyclists to be competing but this wasn’t a very busy race.

According to Breaking Belize News, 80 cyclists entered the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic.  One of the hotel employees mentioned that there had been many more competitors pre-COVID.While this wasn’t the most exciting sporting event we ever witnessed, I still think it’s pretty cool that we randomly got to see the most important sporting event in Belize!

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  1. My wife and I arrived in Belize on Friday evening and took the bus from Belize City to Maya Center yesterday. The bus had to pull over several times to make way for the oncoming bikers. We went birding this morning and must have seen 30 species of birds, including toucans, aracaris and green parrots.

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