Searching For Little Rock’s Little Rock!

Little RockOver winter break, we used 72,000 British Airways Avios to fly from NYC to Memphis. During the trip I also made great use of a Hyatt Free Night for New Years Eve.

After landing in Memphis, we headed straight from the airport to Little Rock, Arkansas!

While Arkansas might not sound glamorous to you, it was a new state visited for all of us. In Little Rock, we had an awesome time holding half a million dollars at the State Capitol.

I’ve always wondered if there was an actual little rock in Little Rock??? It turns out there is! After checking out some of my favorite sites for researching destinations, I found out about the famous rock on Roadside America.We headed over to River Park and walked around looking for the state capitol’s namesake.

After a couple of minutes we found it! Arkansas’s little rock wasn’t so little. There was also a plaque attached with some info.Little RockThe kids had a fun time running around while Kim and I took some photos. The area was definitely photo-worthy thanks in part to Junction Bridge behind us.

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