Brooklyn’s Peter Luger Steak House Opening In Las Vegas In 2022!

Peter LugerPeter Luger Steak House is well known for their steaks but we go there for their incredible burger. I highly recommend trying it.

We’ve been to the original location in Brooklyn many times. There’s also a location in Long Island which we’ve never tried. (There’s also a location in Tokyo!)

I recently found out that the world famous steak house will be expanding again.

Eater reports that, “Peter Luger Steak House Brings Its Legendary Dry-Aged Steaks to the Las Vegas Strip in 2022.”

Luger will be opening their Vegas location inside Caesar’s Palace in the former space where another NY import, Rao’s was located.

In a city already known for a wealth of great dining options, this is definitely a nice addition. I’d love to give the Vegas Peter Luger a try when it opens to see how it compares to the OG. (I’m also in need of a trip to Las Vegas, it’s been years!)

Find out more from Eater here.

One thought on “Brooklyn’s Peter Luger Steak House Opening In Las Vegas In 2022!

  1. Hopefully they can find a way to discourage undesirable clientele. Last time that I was at Georges at Aria there was a oh so glitzy sex-trade-worker there with a much older John. He was encouraging her to try some Opus which she promptly spat out all over the white table cloth. It was like pearls before the swine. The restaurant patrons were cringing for this guy.

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