Norwegian Gem Passengers Stuck At Sea, Cruise Canceled During Trip!

image: pixabay

Passengers on the Norwegian Gem got stuck at sea when “the company called off the trip mid-voyage due to COVID-19 issues“, according to the New York Post.

The cruise departed from New York on January 9 and was canceled just 4 days into the trip. There is no date set for when the ship will return.

One passenger, Aimee Focaraccio said “Without the islands and ports to break up the sea days this is turning into a nightmare. I really can’t imagine four more sea days back to back without much to do.

Another passenger shared a different point of view. Anthony Bivona said, “We all knew when we booked during such difficult times due to COVID that there would most likely be changes to our itinerary.”

Regardless of the changes to the Norwegian Gem’s plans, Bivona still said that it’s “been an absolutely amazing cruise.”

On a positive note, all cruise passengers will be receiving a full refund.

Find out more from the New York Post here.

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