EWR- El Salvador: $178- $205 RT, A Deal Too Good To Pass Up!

El Salvador
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It’s been a little over a year since I last stepped foot on a plane. In February 2020, Lucas (8 years old at the time) and I flew to Amsterdam for $356 per person.

I’ve been hoping to fly somewhere over Spring Break but the need to quarantine for 3 days upon return to New York made this idea complicated.

Regardless, I’ve been searching for flights to a variety of destinations. I started focusing on flights to El Salvador recently.

Last week, I found a flight to El Salvador from New York in Economy Plus for around $335 round trip. We weren’t serious enough yet to book that flight. While debating this option, the search timed out and so did the price.

I contacted Delta and was told that only one seat remained at that price- definitely not helpful when we need four tickets.

I kept searching and found similar flight options for around $230 on American. This seemed awesome but due to the time of the flights and overnight connections both ways, it wasn’t so ideal.

Not one to give up, I continue searching this route and found a deal that was too good to resist!

Earlier today, I found direct flights on United Airlines from Newark- San Salvador. The average price per ticket came to around $192 per person! Since we’ll still need to quarantine when we get home, the direct flights will allow us four full days to check out El Salvador.

Kim and I debated the pros and cons of the trip. El Salvador has been a country I’ve wanted to check out for years. The country isn’t considered the safest place to visit, but the crimes are typically gang-related and not involving tourists. And while four days is a shorter amount of time than I’d like to have there, it’s definitely better than nothing.

In the end I decided to book the flight and we have until tomorrow to cancel. (It’s highly unlikely that we do.)

The total cost to fly to El Salvador roundtrip comes to $767.52 or $191.88 per person!

While looking at the purchase summary for the flight, it turns out the ticket cost was $100 for adults and $75 for the kids. When you add the taxes and fees, the adult fares came to $205. The child fares came to just $178 and change!

I doubt that El Salvador is on most of your lists but this was a deal way too good to pass up.

We’re really excited to have a trip coming up, can’t wait to explore a new country and I look forward to stepping on a plane again!

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  1. I went to El Salvador a few years ago and absolutely loved it. The people were so friendly. The country is so small you can enjoy it on a short trip. We did a week. Transportation was easy and the food was surprisingly good.

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