The Ultra-Mini Bajaj QUTE, A Fun Way To Get Around In El Salvador

Bajaj QUTEWhile planning our visit to El Salvador, we considered renting a car to get around. However, after much debate, we decided to hire a guide with a car to make things a bit easier.

With our trip practically over, we feel that this was a very good decision. While this isn’t our favorite way to travel, we still had 3/7 days of the trip on our own to wander around.

During our visit to the town of Suchitoto, our guide Osmaro pointed out the Bajaj QUTE to us. We kept this in mind for our free day in this cute colonial town. These cars (more like a golf cart), are the popular option for taxi rides around Suchitoto.Bajaj QUTEThe Bajaj QUTE, is made by the same company who makes the three-wheel auto-rickshaws popularly known as tuk-tuks around the world.

Suchitoto isn’t a very large town but it can take 25-30 minutes to get to some areas.

After taking a boat trip on a very hot day, we decided that we needed a lift back into town  in a Bajaj QUTE. The ride was more for the novelty and experience of fitting into one of these ultra-mini vehicles than the real need. Don’t get me wrong, the walk up the steep hill would’ve been a real pain!

The QUTE typically seats four but we were able to get everyone inside comfortably, including our lightweight, foldable GB Pockit stroller.Bajaj QUTEThe cost for our ride was $1 per person. We didn’t pay for my little man Theo so this was $3 well spent!

(FYI- As we traveled around El Salvador to various towns, we saw Bajaj QUTE’s pretty much everywhere.)

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