A Nice Pizza Surprise At Squisito On San Salvador Volcano!

SquisitoAt the end of June, the Michael W Travels family headed off to El Salvador.

While there, we ate lots of tasty pupusas, the country’s national dish. We were tipped off about a pizza version, the PuPizza which we all enjoyed!

On the way up to San Salvador Volcano (aka El Boqueron), we passed what looked to be a very interesting pizza shop called Squisito. After visiting the volcano, we decided to stop by for lunch.a man making bread in a bakeryWe were really impressed with their open kitchen setup. One of the pizzaiolos was busy balling dough as another manned their pizza ovens.a man at a barWe went upstairs and were again impressed by the nice sit down dining area!a man pointing at a pizzaOnce the pizza arrived, we couldn’t wait to dig in. a pizza with tomatoes and basil on a black and white checkered napkinThe Margherita pie looked good. The sauce was very tasty and I would’ve liked for them to have gone a little lighter on the cheese. The only thing I could’ve lived without were the slices of tomato which I removed.a slice of pizza on a plateThe undercarriage was solid and the pie was nice and crispy.a hand holding a glass container with a liquid in itTheir hot oil added subtle heat and nice flavor. It made me think of some tasty pies in Connecticut…a pepperoni pizza on a black and white checkered paperNext up was the pepperoni pie. While the pepperoni was on the mild side with little flavor, it didn’t really bother us. The fresh flavorful sauce added tons of flavor and the cheese was just right.

Final Thoughts:

I didn’t expect to find good pizza in El Salvador so I didn’t bother looking into it prior to our trip. I’m not sure if we found Squisito or the pizza found us this time. Regardless, we all enjoyed this pizza surprise during our trip!

Squisito is located at Km 16 Calle al Boquerón in Santa Tecla, El Salvador.

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