New England Patriots Jet Brings 500,000 COVID Vaccines To El Salvador

New England Patriots
image: Twitter 

The New England Patriots are the most hated NFL team in three states,  New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Being from Brooklyn, NY and a Jets fan, I’ll admit that I do not hate the Patriots. And regardless of one’s feelings towards the Pats, the team has done some non-gridiron good.

In April 2020, the New England Patriots Plane Brings Over 1 Million N95 Masks To US From China.

A little over a year later, New England is using their team plane for some more COVD-19 good.

The Bleacher Report writes that the “New England Patriots Jet Delivers 500K Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine to El Salvador.” The delivery of doses were sent to help control the COVID-19 cases which are on the rise in the country.

Besides using the team plane to help with COVID relief, the New England Patriots also have used their stadium as a vaccination site. Bleacher Report says, that it was “the first large-scale COVID-19 vaccine site in the northeastern part of the United States in January“.

Find out more from the Bleacher Report here.

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