1500 Gallons Of German Beer Was Going Bad, They Made Bread!

German Beer
image: Instagram

German beer is quite enjoyable and what a shame it would be to waste over a thousand gallons of it…

Fuechschen Brewery in Dusseldorf had around 1,500 gallons of beer close to expiring so they got creative.

Rather than waste the tasty suds, the brewery decided to collaborate with local bakeries.

T+L reports that “the brewery sent 6,000 liters of its beer to local bakeries and invited them to create their own bread recipes using beer instead of water.They also sent leftover grains from the brewing process, which the bakeries used to create “Treberbrot,” or “Spent Grain Bread.”

The product ended up being a hit and the bread is now available at around a dozen bakeries in Dusseldorf. It’s also an incredible deal at around $5! And, to sweeten the offer, each loaf comes with a free bottle of the beer!

The bakeries are now receiving requests for the German beer breads to be shipped around the country, which some are now doing.

It’s nice to see that the beer did not go to waste and in the end, it even helped to create a popular new product!

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