Interesting Hyatt Timeshare Offer I’d Like To But Won’t Be Booking…

From time to time, we like to go on timeshare offers due to the benefits which can be rewarded.

We saved around $300 for 1.5 hours of our time while in Fiji a few summers back. There was also a Hilton Grand Vacations which we couldn’t refuse. (The Hilton timeshare presentation ended up being torture and the worst one we’ve ever been on.)

I recently received a Hyatt Timeshare offer which I’d love to book but will have to take a pass on.

The offer is for the Hyatt Residence Club Bonita Springs, Coconut Plantation.

The offer is pretty solid. They’re offering three nights for $299. They’re also throwing in 10,000 Bonus Points!

While pricing a random three-night stay in May, the property came to $252 per night. Another search showed $149 per night plus a $100 resort certificate.

For the timeshare offer, Hyatt isn’t just giving you a deal. You’re “required to attend a personalized preview and sales presentation of Hyatt Residence Club…”

I can’t recall ever participating in a Hyatt Timeshare offer, so I am definitely curious to check this one out. However, I am going to take a pass on this one due to its location.

If we were to fly to Florida just to visit this property, we could fly to Fort Myers. I just don’t feel that the property alone is worth a trip for us.

If we were to fly to Florida, we’d prefer to also go to Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale or Miami. All of those areas are 100+ miles away! No thanks.

Have you ever booked a Hyatt timeshare offer? If so, how was it?

4 thoughts on “Interesting Hyatt Timeshare Offer I’d Like To But Won’t Be Booking…

  1. I did this in August of 2019. Stayed in Hyatt Regency Maui and saved a lot- the offer came with a rental car and hotel credit. They put us in a decent room in the oldest part of the property. We spent very little time in the room or on the property for that matter. Presentation took ~45 minutes and it was kinda fast tracked when we made it clear from the get go that we weren’t interested. I would do it again in a heartbeat but doubt i’ll ever be eligible. 🙂

  2. Do you remember the approx dates/months of the $149/100 offer? I looked at several dates and couldn’t replicate that offer. Thanks

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