Sweet Deal! Chic-fil-A Giving Away FREE Fudge Brownies!


When it comes to fast food (we don’t eat a lot of it), Chic-fil-A is definitely a family favorite. We love their excellent chicken sandwich, nuggets, tasty sauces and their (newish) mac and cheese!

Back in 2015, I visited the original Chic-fil-A: Dwarf House. Find out about the visit here.

From time to time, Chic-fil-A gives away free menu items and now they have a new offer for you!

The restaurant is running a National Giveaway and wants you to enjoy a free Chocolate Fudge Brownie for a limited time.

To get the offer, you need to create an account or check your Chic fil A App. This sweet deal will be automatically added there!

If you’re interested in getting a free brownie, don’t wait too long. The offer is only good until January 23.

Check out a post about this offer on Instagram here.

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