Grab A Pie At 87 Year-Old Patsy’s Pizzeria In East Harlem, NYC

Patsy's PizzeriaLast month, I wrote about how my family got to eat a meal from NYC’s most exclusive restaurant. The restaurant is located in NYC’s East Harlem neighborhood which is a bit of a trip for us from our home in Brooklyn.

Whenever we find ourselves so far uptown, there’s a pizzeria that we have to visit. Grabbing a pie (or a few slices) from Patsy’s Pizzeria is a real treat and also pretty much a bargain.Due to COVID-19, you can only grab slices or a pie from the takeout window. (Usually you can go inside to order takeout  or dine at the larger sit-down restaurant.

Patsy’s Pizzeria has been around for 87 years and is one of the oldest pizzerias in New York City. Find out more about the shop here.
When I said that Patsys’s Pizzeria was a bargain, I wasn’t kidding. Where else can you get an excellent pie for $13! A slice will set you back just $2.00.

The pizza is super thin and light so odds are pretty high that you will need (want) more than one slice.From first sight, this looks like a great, classic pie. We were starving and couldn’t wait to dig in. (This was an appetizer before we got home to eat our meal from Rao’s.)Besides being a bit floppy, this was a delicious pie. The crust was very crispy which was an interesting contrast.

My favorite bites were where you can see the sauce really standing out through the cheese.Theo fell asleep while I waited for our pie- he was starving by the time we got home.

(Just an FYI- I don’t recommend holding a pizza box like this. Luckily the couple of leftover slices had cooled off  at this point so nothing really happened to them.)Theo is quite the pizza connoisseur. Patsy’s is Theo approved!

Patsy’s Pizzeria is located at 2287 1st Avenue in East Harlem, NYC.

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