Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #8- Please Sit On The Pot- Ghana

 photo f0f240e4.jpgI recently received an e-mail from Jason with the subject Ridiculous Street Signs. He wanted to share a sign that he came across while on a trip to Africa!

Jason works in international business and has been writing the BoardingArea blog Milesquest since 2008.

Kim and I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Jason and his wife at the BoardingArea Conference (aka BAcon) back in May. We then ran into them at the airport in Denver while waiting for our flight to New Orleans.

After receving Jason’s e-mail I sent him a few questions to find out a little more about his sign photo.

Here they are:

MW: When did you spot the sign?                                                                                                                Jason: I spotted this sign at a restroom in a mall while having lunch.

MW: Where in Africa was it seen?                                                                                                                Jason: I was in Accra, Ghana

MW: What was your reaction when you saw the sign?                                                                    Jason: My first reaction was- why in the world did they need this sign? What other options were available to people besides sitting on the seat?

Thanks Jason for contributing this Ridculous Street Signs photo! I actually have been to many countries where they don’t “sit” on the pot”, so I get where this sign is coming from however the language they chose for the sign had me cracking up.

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  1. There are alternate arrangements all over the world, even in Europe. Some rather squat because there is no contact between your skin and anything else.

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