STUPID-Airline Plans To Stop Flight Attendants From Wearing Face Masks

Flight attendants
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Most airlines are getting a lot more strict when it comes to passengers wearing face masks. American Airlines banned a passenger who refused to wear a face mask and other airlines could do the same if a passenger does not comply.

One airline plans to stop flight attendants from wearing face masks for a really stupid reason…

Garuda Indonesia, the Indonesian national flag carrier has gotten a lot of complaints from passengers. The problem is that “they couldn’t see the cabin crewmembers’ smiles,” according to Business Insider.

The passengers also mentioned that “the flights felt less hospitable.”

When Garuda resumed flight on May 7, flight attendants had to wear masks and gloves but it appears that customer satisfaction is more important than health.

The airline is now considering having flight attendants wear plastic face shields instead.

During these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially while in a tight space like an airplane. IMHO- face masks should continue to be required by both passengers and crew until things take a turn for the better.

Find out more from Business Insider here.

1 thought on “STUPID-Airline Plans To Stop Flight Attendants From Wearing Face Masks

  1. I rather have no mask requirement. 150,000 people die everyday worldwide times 100 days of this over hype virus = 15 million people dead. Sad when these so called covid deaths occur we are not given age of these souls entering eternity. Elmhurst hospital in Queens, NY were caught by under cover military nurse that when negative covid tests occurred doctors documented covid on most poor people patients generally and placed these wrongfully covid people on ventilators with heavy sedation of course death will occur. CDC said masks had little to no help wearing masks.

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