Get A FREE Sandwich Of Your Choice from Arby’s For A Very Limited Time

Arby'sThere’s been quite a few offers in recent years to get free sandwiches from fast food restaurants.

Most recently, I wrote about a way to get a free spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. (Just an FYI, the offer is still available, even if you’ve already used it!)

For a very limited time, Arby’s is offering a Father’s Day promo for a free sandwich of your choice!

I’ve only been to Arby’s around 5-6 times. We really enjoy their sandwiches as well as the excellent curly fries. The last time I visited Arby’s was for their limited-time Venison Sandwich.

Arby’s current Father’s Day promotion is only available until 6/21/20.

Some Rules: (from the T&Cs)

  • Valid on any sandwich at participating locations
  • Not applicable on delivery order
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer
  • Limit one per person

I received this offer in an e-mail from Arby’s. I assume you just mention the promo at the restaurant or show the image for the free offer. (No coupon or link to a webpage for the offer was provided.)

While looking over the terms and conditions, it did not state that the offer was only available to father’s so I’m thinking everyone should be able to get a free sandwich.

If we take a trip over to Arby’s, I’m not sure which sandwich I’d order. The Smokehouse Brisket or Beef N’ Cheddar both would be good choices. Which sandwich would you choose?

Check out the menu for Arby’s here.

7 thoughts on “Get A FREE Sandwich Of Your Choice from Arby’s For A Very Limited Time

  1. Why do these offers for free sandwiches appear on my phone only after they have expired?

  2. Tom Murtaugh- Did you show the manager the e-mail? I hope that you contacted Arby’s corporate regarding this. I’d love to hear their response.

  3. Received an email offer on Friday, 6/19 for a free sandwich as a Fathers Day promo as referenced above. Thought this was a little unusual but took it as legitimate. Went to the local Fairfield, OH store that evening and ordered several item in addition to the “free” sandwich. The manager had no knowledge of the offer-said it was probably for a different city- and said I needed to advise the corporate office if I had a complaint!
    It’s not the money I’m upset about; it’s the lack of communication within your company and the attitude that I was mistaken about the offer and that the store had no obligation to respond to a customer.
    I expect better from your organization.

  4. Deborah Clifton- That’s too bad! I didn’t get a chance to try the closest location close to us.

    Dan- Awesome! Glad you could take advantage of the offers!

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