Nudists In Czech Republic Reminded By Police To Wear Face Masks

Czech Republic
image: Pixabay

Due to the spread of coronavirus, many people now wear face masks. It’s even mandatory in some places to wear them in public.

CNN Travel reports that “face masks aren’t mandatory everywhere, but strict rules on wearing them have been enforced in the Czech Republic — even for nudists.”

Restrictions are starting to be relaxed in the Czech Republic. However, last month, when concerns related to coronavirus were at its peak, “police were called in to remind people that while it was OK to get naked in designated public places, mouths needed to be covered.”

Warnings had to be issued by the police in the town of Lázně Bohdaneč due to complaints regarding nudists who still chose to bare it all… including going face maskless!

Many of the people sunbathing, were in large groups with some of them not covering their faces. After the police arrived, they all agreed to follow the government regulation to cover their faces.

The police warning seemed to have some effect. The next time them came around on patrol, out of around 150 people, only around half needed to be reminded to wear face masks.

So just remember, in the Czech Republic it’s OK to sunbathe in the nude as long as your face is covered.

Find out more from CNN here.

2 thoughts on “Nudists In Czech Republic Reminded By Police To Wear Face Masks

  1. So much wrong with this. Czech Nudist, CNN, facemask’s with no clothes (Cosplay style), meeting in large groups to swap spit or what ever. At least sunbathing would provide more Vitamin D to fight the flu.

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