Win A Trip For 2 To BottleRock Festival In Napa Valley, California

BottleRock FestivalIlli Coffee is running a contest where one lucky winner will win a trip for two to the BottleRock Festival which takes place in Napa Valley, California.

I’m not too familiar with the BottleRock Festival. After looking a bit more into the festival, I was impressed with the music lineup which includes artists/ groups like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, The Avett Brothers and a lot more. There’s also a culinary stage with lots of big names on the list.

The festival sounds like a lot of fun so I’d love to win this prize. I’ve never visited Napa Valley so it would be great to get a chance to check out the area.

Let’s take a closer look at the Illi Coffee Festival Sweepstakes.

The Prize: A trip for 2 to the BottleRock Festival in Napa Valley, California

Prize includes:

  • Two 3-day VIP weekend passes to the ¬†BottleRock Festival scheduled to take place from October 2 to October 4, 2020
  • Round-trip First class air for two
  • Double occupancy hotel room for four nights / five days
  • $500.00 pre-paid cash card to use toward ground transportation

The Rules:

  • Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and DC
  • Must be at least 18 years old of age at time of entry
  • Must have a valid social security or tax ID number
  • You can enter one time per day
  • Receive one bonus entry by opting-in to receive e-mails from Illi

Enter by 11:59 PM ET on April 30, 2020.

Have you been to BottleRock? If so, what was your experience like?

Find out more and enter for a chance to win a trip to the BottleRock Festival here.

3 thoughts on “Win A Trip For 2 To BottleRock Festival In Napa Valley, California

  1. I suspect the date change will mean lots of passes for sale at face value on the BR exchange website. So lots of second chances!
    We’ve been to BR every year. It is a delight. It is also a harsh marathon. My usual step count is over 15,000 in a day, some times over 20k – although they do have some accommodations for wheelchairs / handicap, by the way. A few small preparations and choices can make or break it for you and those around you. I’ve had many seriously peak experiences there and plenty of annoyances as well. One year I was afraid my normally extremely mild mannered date was going to go to jail because of the harsh rudeness in the crowd for one of the bigger acts. My best advice? Buddy system. Bring an extra phone battery charger that you have tested beforehand. Don’t bring any whiners. Don’t bring anyone who cannot manage alone for an hour or two, so that you can split up to catch different bands if you want. There is NO WAY any 2 people will want to be at the same stage all 3 days all day long. Don’t bring anyone with a habit of unsafe behaviors like binge drinking, mixing chemical experiences unwisely, belligerence to cops / security or in crowds, failure to use sunscreen or hydrate, failure to practice safety and hygiene in big crowds and portajohns. Don’t bring anyone who can’t handle being outdoors for 14 + hours and a lot of walking, unless you can agree ahead of time that if someone gets tired they can safely uber back to the hotel / campsite whatever. The key to BR is “Just Enough Never Too Much.” We’ve been every year. Some years we said we wouldn’t and then ended up going last minute. It would be unbearable if not for the alcohol. Bring an empty water bottle (i drink wine on the walk there, then it is empty when I arrive)- they refill for free- and stick to the one water one wine rule. Wine is expensive! 10 15 20 a pour! But you cannot bring much of any substance in, well some folks successfully smuggle but you risk losing it to security guards at the gate check. Hats sunscreen chapstick protective clothing – Napa’s gorgeous weather can be deceptive! the sun and drying winds in Napa are even more brutal in October! Blankies to sit on or for a quick nap… earplugs or ear covering noise canceling protective headphones for sonic breaks… comfy shoes. “Napa casual” = look good, stop sunburn, and still be able to run around, dance, sweat. I highly recommend packets of wipes, they are good for everything. A hand towel you can soak for the back of your neck or put over your face… Some times I even splash my face and re apply sunscreen and makeup. Temperatures can change fast from 40’s to 100’s almost any time of year so layers. If you can make yourself, arrive early to acclimate in relative peace. Silent discos / DJ sets are tha bomb! I cannot remember if those blowup festival couches are allowed. I love mine but they are a bit sweaty. Little plastic rain ponchos + one to sit on- last year we had rain, very surprising. And you can still burn when it is cloudy! Be prepared as if you were backpacking – small light highly useful items, maybe even a little first aid kit- and you’ll have the best weekend ever!

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