Did I Get A Retention Offer For The Barclay Arrival Plus Card

Barclay Arrival PlusWhen the $89 annual fee posted for my Barclay Arrival Plus card, I called in to see if any retention offers were available.

A couple of years back, I struck out trying to get the fee removed and was only offered a downgrade to a no fee card.

I signed up for the Barclay Arrival Plus card in 2019, for the second time. I received a 70,000 miles bonus after spending $5,000 in the first 90 days. After completing the minimum spend, I had 80,000 miles to redeem which was valued at $800. I used the miles / credit to help bring down the cost of our flights to Iceland over the summer.

I was ready to just close my card but with a little over 10,700 miles in my account, I figured it was worth calling the number on the back of my card to see what could be done.

After quickly speaking to the first representative and explaining the situation, I was transferred to an account specialist. I was asked a few questions related to travel. The rep then mentioned how I could pay the annual fee with miles. No thanks…

I was then offered the option to downgrade to a no fee version of the card which has a different miles earning structure. (The no fee card earns 2 per $1 miles and travel and dining, 1 miles per $1 on all other purchases.)

I asked about waiving the fee and was told that they don’t have the ability to waive the fee on this card.

The rep then mentioned that if I downgrade I’d get 1,000 bonus miles for switching products after my 1st purchase, with the new card. I asked for more miles but was told that this was the best offer.

The rep explained that with the new card, miles could be redeemed starting at 2,500 miles opposed to 10,000.

Considering I still have 10,700 miles left, switching to the no fee card was a serious option for me. Also, it wouldn’t be considered a new application since I was just switching the product and award structure.

Before agreeing to switch, I asked what would happen to my miles if I decided to just close my account. I was told that if I close, I’d have 60 days to redeem my miles.

The Decision:

I decided to switch products.

With a little over 10,700 miles in my account, I’ll add 1,000 miles. My plan is to put just enough spend on the card to increase my balance to 12,500 miles.

I’ll then use my miles to get a $125 statement credit towards travel. After that, I’ll most likely close the account and look to apply again in the future to get the Barclay Arrival Plus signup bonus once again.

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3 thoughts on “Did I Get A Retention Offer For The Barclay Arrival Plus Card

  1. Good luck getting that 1,000 points with a charge. They promised me 1,000 points when I downgraded and have not received them. I even called and they opened a case which was just “solved” and still no points.

  2. This card is no longer available to new applicants so good luck with that strategy…unless they bring it back again…which would be nice.

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