JetBlue Will Be 1st Airline To Offer Hard Seltzer at 35,000 Feet!

Hard SeltzerJetblue and Truly Hard Seltzer have announced a partnership which will make the airline the first to bring hard seltzer to passengers at 35,000 feet!

While no exact date was announced, Truly should appear on Jetblue at some point this month.

Jetblue will “add cans of Truly Wild Berry to its menu” according to a press release I received.

While I’m not much of a seltzer or hard seltzer drinker, Truly Wild Berry does sound tasty. The drink “boasts notes of juicy strawberries, fresh raspberries, and tart blackberries – because the more, the berrier”.

Jetblue is known for its free, unlimited snacks like Terra Blues chips during flights. It’s nice to see them further increasing their drink options.

While the press release doesn’t list a price for a can of Truly Hard Seltzer, it looks like alcoholic beverages are in the $8- $9 range. Beers cost $8 so I’d assume that Truly would fit into that category.

Truly Hard Seltzer seems to be expanding their partnerships. Besides this new deal with Jetblue, they also recently announced a partnership with the NHL.

Are you a fan of hard seltzer? If so, have you tried Truly?

Find out more about this new Jetblue beverage partnership here.

4 thoughts on “JetBlue Will Be 1st Airline To Offer Hard Seltzer at 35,000 Feet!

  1. Mark Hsu- If you try Truly, let us know how it is! When I briefly had Mosaic, I was very impressed by the level of service. I flew from EWR to BOS and was repeatedly acknowledged and offered drinks.

  2. Nice. Hopefully it will be offered on my mint flight to JFK next month. I have to say I was impressed on my last couple of flights to SJC. FA’s handed out Bourbons and acknowledged mosaic status even though it was a short 45 minute flight.

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