Generator Hostel Barcelona, A Solid Family-Friendly Option!

Generator HostelAfter flying to Barcelona at one of the worst times, we ran into a problem when screwed up our hotel reservation.

When we got to our hotel, they claimed to not have any booking from for us. Due to this they only had a room available for the first night. We had a reservation at Generator Hostel for the last two days of our trip so I figured that we’d just try to book a room there for our first two.

We ended up booking a private room with two bunk beds and an ensuite bathroom.

Once we arrived we were happy to find out that Generator Hostel had a room ready for us.

During our first stay we were given a larger room, a 4 bunk (8 bed) room on the 5th floor. I didn’t take pictures of this room since I didn’t plan to write a review of our stay. However, when we returned for our second stay, we were given a 3 bunk (6 bed) room on the 4th floor which ended up being much better.

I decided to snap some photos and write a review.a boy and a boy sitting in a swingThe lobby of Generator is inviting. There are a few of these swing chairs which were very popular (and fun for the kids). In the morning, you can purchase a buffet breakfast for 8.5€. Kids pay half price. (The food looked good but we didn’t give it a try.) There is a bar for night time. On one of the nights, a live band was playing.

If you go up a short staircase, there’s also a large common area with chairs, couches, tables and vending machines where you can hang out. a sign with white textI loved how each floor at the hostel was named for a different neighborhood in Barcelona.a blue and white door with white text on the wallWhen you get off at the 4th floor (Barcelona), you’ll see this fun signage showing you which way to go for your room.a hallway with a door and a carpeted floorIn this post, I’m going to write a review of Room 401, a 3 bed ensuite room at Generator Hostel.a room with blue walls and a sinkHere’s the view when you walk in.

Straight ahead is the sink which has a large mirror hanging above it as well as a long shelf to leave your things.a table and chair in a roomI was excited to see a small table to sit at. This made for a great place to write blog posts and leave devices that were being charged.

If you look above, (two pictures back), straight ahead is the bathroom area.a toilet in a bathroomThe door on the right is the toilet.a shower with a blue doorOn the left is the shower.

The pressure and temperature were excellent but the size of the shower was ridiculously small. It was hard not to bang my elbows against the walls. If you’re a traveling family, good luck showering your kid. It’s a real pain!a room with a door and a windowWhen you turn right from the entrance area, you’ll go into the area where the bunks are.a bunk beds in a roomThe beds at Generator Hostel were really comfortable which was a nice surprise. They also felt roomy opposed to what we expected to be a cramped bunkbed.

Each bed has a light and an outlet so you’ll never have an issue charging devices.
a room with a sliding doorIf you go past the first bunk, next the second bunk is a door which opens onto a large outdoor space.a deck chair and a fenceWe didn’t spend any time outside but if you desire to, there is a lounge chair. (Don’t expect amazing views…)

We also left the door open for short periods of time when the room felt a bit stuffy. (From what I recall, the thermostat is controlled by the front desk.)a room with bunk beds and a doorThis isn’t the best photo, but just to give you an idea of what the rest of the room looked like, here’s a photo of the other bunkbed.

You can see that there’s a good amount of space separating all of the beds.a room with bunk beds and a mirrorHere’s a view of the room taken in front of the door to the outside space.

There’s a large mirror, and it isn’t visible in the photo but right past the doorway on the left are hooks to hang coats on.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Generator Hostel is a great budget option for a visit to Barcelona. It’s located in the Gracia neighborhood which has some good dining options,. It’s also a great location for visiting sights like Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and Casa Mila.

We walked everywhere and took some taxis but there’s also a train station a few blocks away.

The staff at Generator were super- friendly and the property caters to solo travelers, families and groups. One annoying thing was the elevators. For a hostel that has 702 bed, there are only 2 elevators which took forever to come and we frequently full. We saw many of the young patrons using the stairs which is not always a viable option for families with young children and strollers.

Generator Barcelona is located at Carrer De Corsega 373, Barcelona, Spain, 08037.

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