Happy 7th B-Day World Traveler Lucas, 54 Countries Visited!

world travelerA few days back, our (not so) little boy, Lucas Miles turned 7 years-old!

It’s almost hard to believe that Lucas is already seven years old. He’s in first grade, doing very well in school. Lucas loves math and is excelling in reading and writing. Yes, homework can be cause for complaint though!

He’e also a world traveler, having already visited 54 countries! Yes, he’s visited over 50 countries before turning 7 years-old!

In recent years, Lucas and I have enjoyed going on a handful father- son trips. Sadly, we didn’t have the opportunity to go on any such trip in 2018. (It wasn’t really so sad though- mommy and little bro Theo joined us during all of our travels this year!)

This past summer, the Michael W Travels family spent a month traveling around Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. During this trip, Lucas visited his 50th country (UN member state), Azerbaijan. (After visiting the disputed region of Nagorno- Karabakh during the trip, we can no longer visit Azerbaijan.)

Since our month- long summer trip, we had the chance to visit France and Monaco over the recent break. Lucas really enjoyed the French pastries and showed a real interest in art. Audio guides and kid- friendly iPad guides are key to helping make art fun!

a map of the world with planes and lines
2018 map from OpenFlights.org

Lucas’s flight stats for 2018: Lucas flew a little under 50,000 miles this year. He didn’t beat last years’s record but he still spent a good amount of time in the air.

This year Lucas flew 30 segments for 49,663 and it took 4 days 18:03.a black text on a white backgroundAll of our flights were in economy this year.

Where did Lucas go in 2018? Lucas visited 12 new countries and 3 disputed territories this year. We also did some travel in the US but it was to destinations we’ve been to previously. (Check below for a photo from each of the new countries Lucas visited.)

Countries Visited: (listed in order of age visited)

  1. Greece
  2. Cyprus
  3. Portugal
  4. St Kitts & Nevis
  5. Belarus
  6. Ukraine
  7. Moldova
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Georgia
  10. Armenia
  11. France
  12. Monaco

Disputed Territories: Northern Cyprus, Transnistria and Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh).

At the close of 2018, Lucas has now visited 54 countries (UN Member States)!

Find out where else Lucas has been:

Happy 7th Birthday to my favorite 1st grader Lucas! You make mommy and daddy very proud and you’re the best big brother! Looking forward to an amazing 2019

Check out a photo from each of the new countries Lucas visited in 2018.

a boy standing in front of a building
Athens, Greece
a boy running on a rocky beach
Paphos, Cyprus
a boy wearing sunglasses and leaning against a wall with a castle in the background
Evora, Portugal
a person jumping in the air
Park Hyatt- St Kitts
a boy standing on stairs in front of a statue
Minsk, Belarus
a group of people posing for a picture
Kiev, Ukraine
a man and boy jumping in the air
Chisinau, Moldova
a boy standing in front of a stone wall
Baku, Azerbaijan
a boy standing on a mountain
Georgian Military Highway- Georgia
a woman holding a child in front of a stone building
Tatev, Armenia
a child looking through a telescope
Paris, France
a person sitting on a cannon
Monaco- Ville, Monaco

We’re looking forward to an amazing 2019.

We have a couple of trips coming up with more in the works! By the time the year is over, I’m pretty sure that Lucas will be past the 60 countries visited mark.

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