Happy 6th Birthday to World Traveler Lucas Miles! 42 Countries Visited

world travelerYesterday was a very special day for the Michael W Travels family.

Our little man Lucas Miles turned 6 years old! It’s been an amazing six years and I can’t believe that Lucas is in kindergarten and has already been to 42 countries! No, that’s not a typo- he’s a true world traveler! 

We’re so proud of Lucas. One skill that I really admire is how Lucas can make friends anywhere he goes and in the shortest amount of time. He’s friendly, silly, fun, smart and a great flyer.

In 2016, Lucas and I took our first of many Father- Son Trips. I really love spending alone time with Lucas. In 2017 we only got to go on one such trip to kid- friendly Pittsburgh. It might not sound like a glam destination, but we had a great time.

This summer, the Michael W Travels family embarked on our longest trip to date. As a family of four, we spent 5 Weeks in the Pacific. It was during this trip that Lucas visited his 40th country (UN Member State), the Solomon Islands.

We haven’t had a chance to leave the U.S. since getting back from our Pacific trip but Lucas did love our 2 barbecue inspired trips in the country to North Carolina and Hill Country, TX.

a map of the world with orange lines
2017 map from OpenFlights.org

Lucas’s flights stats for 2017: Lucas flew over 58,000 miles this year. That’s a personal record for him!

This year Lucas flew 42 segments for 58,552 miles and it took 5 days 17:50.a close-up of a list of informationSegments broken down:

By Class:

  • Economy: 40 flights- 95.2%
  • Premium Economy: 1- 2.4%
  • Business: 1- 2.4%

Class By Distance:

  • Economy: 56,898- 97.1%
  • Premium Economy: 1,147-2 %
  • Business: 507- .9%

Where did Lucas go in 2017? Lucas visited 9 new countries, 1 new U.S state and 1 new U.S. territory. (Check below for a photo from each of the new countries Lucas visited.)

Countries Visited: (listed in order of age visited)

  1. Ireland- 5.1
  2. Northern Ireland (UK)- 5.1
  3. South Korea- 5.3
  4. Saint Lucia- 5.4
  5. Tonga- 5.6
  6. Fiji- 5.7
  7. Solomon Islands- 5.7
  8. Samoa- 5.7
  9. Vanuatu- 5.7

At the close of 2017 Lucas has now visited 42 countries! (UN Member States).

Find out where else Lucas has been:

U.S. States/ Territories Visited:

  • North Carolina
  • American Samoa

We also enjoy seeing more of the amazing country we live in. While we only got to visit one new state and territory, we also visited different cities in states we’ve already been to. We spent time in Buffalo, NY (short visit), Pittsburgh, PA and Austin/ Hill Country, Waco & San Antonio, TX.

Happy 6th Birthday Lucas, the best little guy (tied with Theo) we could’ve ever ask for! Looking forward to a great year in 2018! 🙂

Check out a photo from each of the new countries Lucas visited in 2017.

a man and child standing in front of a sign
a person lying on a rock
Northern Ireland (UK)
a group of people posing for a photo
Jeju Island, South Korea
a boy standing on the beach with Pitons in the background
Saint Lucia
a boy running on a beach
a boy standing in the sand with a smiley face drawn in the sand
a boy standing in front of an old airplane
Solomon Islands
a boy standing in a rock formation
a boy sitting in a hammock

2017 was an amazing year of family travel and there’s a good chance that 2018 will top it! We already have three international trips in the works and we’re also thinking ahead to another big trip this summer.

Stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. Lucas is 2 years younger than your fellow blogger Mommy Points’ 8 year old daughter Cate and he’s seen 4 times the countries. MW, you are to be congratulated on expanding Lucas’ horizon and making him a fellow of the world and not of just resorts.

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