You Can Buy A United Airlines Cookbook With 40+ Inflight Meal Recipes

United Airlines

United Airlines recently released a cookbook featuring over 40 recipes of their inflight meals.

For most, airline food is not what comes to mind when thinking of a good meal. I think I’m probably in the minority because I usually enjoy it. This new cookbook will offer recipes of meals from the airline’s Polaris premium cabin. (For those of you who didn’t know, United Polaris debuted in December 2016.)

While I’ve never flown United Polaris, I’d assume that the food has got to be very good.

Food & Wine mentioned that an e-mailed statement from United said, “The United Polaris cookbook was created by United chefs in partnership with chefs from The Trotter Project“.

The Trotter Project was created as a way to continue James Beard Award winning Chef Charlie Trotter’s “charitable and educational initiatives” after he passed away. It’s “a nonprofit organization committed to mentoring and inspiring a new generation of culinary minds,” according to

A portion of the money made from the sales of the United Airlines cookbook will be donated to the nonprofit.

I was curious to find out what kind of recipes were in the book but none were mentioned at the United Shop or in the Food & Wine article.

If you’ve flown United Polaris, please let us know which dishes served during a flight stood out!

Would you consider buying the United Airline cookbook?

The United Polaris Cookbook costs $29.95 and can be purchased here.

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