2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide from Michael W Travels

With the holidays fast approaching, I’m sure that many of you have some shopping to do.

Here is my 2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide.  Not so surprisingly you’ll find items which are either good for or related to traveling on it. Take a look and you’ll find something that appeals to every traveler in your life.

Here is the 2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide from Michael W Travels:

(Maybe you’ll even find a couple of things that you’ll want for yourself!)Food/ Travel Books: various prices

I know that these days, many like to do their reading online. I still like actual books. While I don’t read many books these days, I do like to pickup a copy of Lonely Planet for destinations we’re visiting. I also like food books like Hamburger America and the newish Buffalo Everything (available on Amazon, Print $16.99, Kindle: $11.99).

image: ecolunchboxes.com

ECOlunchbox Seal Cup Trio: 3 pack for $29.99

A useful gift for just about anyone, the ECOlunchbox Seal Cup Trip can be used to store food and snacks in a sleek-looking, stainless steel container. The containers come with leakproof silicone lids (which I found to be a bit difficult to put on correctly at first). The set of three range in size from 7oz to 20oz.

image: Playmobil

Playmobil Passenger Plane & Airport with Control Tower: $39.99 & $69.99

For those of you shopping for little ones, Playmobil makes really awesome toys including some with an aviation theme. My 6-year-old, Lucas particularly loves the plane and airport (links above). Playmobil toys aren’t cheap but they’re good quality and a lot of fun.

image: clothingarts.com

Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Business Travel Shirt: $79.95

I came across the brand Clothing Arts around 5 years back and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. (Check out my review of what I consider probably the best travel pants ever.) I basically live in Clothing Arts shorts when the weather is right.

For the 2018 holidays, I recommend the Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Business Travel Shirt. I recently wore the shirt to the Mexican Consulate for a Viva Aerobus media event.

This is possibly the most comfortable, lightweight button downs. It comes in 6 colors and it will be a great addition to your wardrobe for fun and business.

image: Allbirds

Allbirds: $95

I have two pairs of Allbirds- their lighter weight Tree Runners and the Wool Runners, which are shown above.

I brought the Wool Runners on our month long summer trip and found them to be extremely comfortable. It was nice not having to bring (or wear) socks during the trip. Allbirds are a stylish, lightweight footwear option which I highly recommend.

Allbirds come in a variety of colors and are available for men, women and young children.Tortuga Setout Packable Daypack: $39

I’ve tried a variety of packable backpacks to bring along on trips so I don’t need to empty and bring along my larger pack. The Tortuga Setout Packable Daypack held up well during a trip to St Kitts and our month- long trip around 6 former Soviet states.

Rather than write all about it, find out more by checking out my review here.

image: Bagsmart

Bagsmart Xpedition backpack: starting at $149.99

I was recently sent a very interesting backpack to test out. While I haven’t yet used it, I’ve taken some time to check it out. (I’ll be bringing it on our winter break trip next month.)

The Bagsmart Xpedition backpack has a “X-frame system that moves with the body’s center of gravity and a modular system designed to take on the heaviest loads without causing any discomfort.”

The pack holds a variety of smaller bags in place with magnets. Due to the variety of smaller bag options, the Xpedition can be a great camera bag, travel bag or work bag. I’d say you can mix and match so the Xpedition fits multiple purposes.

The system allows you to stay organized and prevents everything from falling to the bottom of the bag.

Check it out on Kickstarter here.

image: travelerschoice.com

Traveler’s Choice Art of Travel Smart Luggage:  2 piece set $169.99

On a 4 day/ 5 night trip a few months back, the Michael W Travels family was able to take just one bag for all of our clothes.

The Traveler’s Choice Art of Travel 22” Carry-on Smart Luggage with USB Port Charge was a very impressive bag with a lot of space for such a small size. The luggage rolls smoothly and is lightweight. The inside is built so you can stay organized thanks to cross straps on one side and a zippered compartment on the other.

We didn’t use the integrated USB charging port but it’s a nice addition if you feel the need to add a power bank.

I was sent the 22″ Carry-on but the bags are available as a two piece set. (It also comes with a 30” bag.)

At $169.99 for the set, this is a relative bargain.Gift Cards: price varies

If you’re really unsure of what to get someone who loves to travel, a gift card could be the best bet. Stick with travel companies like Delta Air Lines, Southwest, Hotels.com, Airbnb or Uber. You could also go with a restaurant or whatever else you come across.

With gift cards, the options are numerous as are the denominations of how much you spend.

Final Thoughts:

This wraps up the Michael W Travels 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.

Gift buying can be an extremely stressful activity. I hope that my gift guide gave you an idea or two as to what you can get the traveler in your life.

If you have any suggestions for great travel- related holidays gifts, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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