Where Did Kim & I Redeem Our Four Hyatt Visa Free Nights?

hyatt visaFor years I put off applying for a Hyatt Visa card. I didn’t see the real value in applying for a credit card which offered a bonus of only two free nights.

However, I figured that at some point, I would get the card. It was most likely be when there weren’t lots of other credit card offers that I was interested in applying for.

When changes were announced to the Hyatt Visa, I decided it was time for Kim and I to pull the trigger. Two free nights at any Hyatt property in the world would probably be more valuable than the current 40,000 bonus points sign-up offer.

With the changes coming, I applied for the card thinking that we’d redeem our two free nights (four in total) at the Park Hyatt Maldives. With prices in the $1,000 per night range, this property would most likely give us the highest value for our bonus nights.

There was one big problem which I came across when looking into booking the Park Hyatt Maldives. Roundtrip transfers between the airport and the resort would cost close to $2,000 for the Michael W Travels family. This cost would clearly cut into the “deal“.

I decided to switch plans since I didn’t feel the Maldives would be the best fit for a family trip with a 6-year-old and almost 2-year-old (at the time we’d most likely visit).

I did some searches on Hyatt and online to try to figure out a property which fit two criteria for us.

  1. It had to be a very pricey hotel (obvious)
  2. The property needed to be located in a country we haven’t been to

In the end my decision was easy.

I’ve looked into visiting Saint Kitts & Nevis many times in the past. The big problem was that hotels are pretty pricey (as are the flights).

With the Park Hyatt St Kitts recently opening on November 1, it seemed like a perfect match! The property looks beautiful and as Summer from Mommy Points wrote in a post, it’s also kid friendly!

Rates at the hotel range in price from $400- $1,000, so I think we’ll be getting a solid value from our Hyatt Visa credit card’s sign up bonus.

We’ll be visiting the Park Hyatt St Kitts in what’s considered the off season- at the end of June, when the school year ends. When I priced our four night stay, it came to $2,281.40. (No, we’d NEVER spend that on a four night hotel stay!)

And what really makes this trip a deal is that I was able to book flights using American Airlines miles at the MileSAAver level, just 30,000 miles per person- roundtrip!

Do you have the Hyatt Visa card? If so, at which property did you redeem your free nights? (If you got the 40,000 points bonus, how did you or do you plan to redeem your points?)

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