Woman Gives Birth In Chick-fil-A, Baby To Receive Free Food For Life!

chick fil aChick fil A makes a fine chicken sandwich and is probably our favorite fast food restaurant. (Shake Shack doesn’t count, it’s fast casual!).

A few years back, I visited the original Chick fil A: Dwarf House during a trip to Atlanta. It was a very interesting restaurant- like two restaurants in one. You can find out about it at the link above.

Besides excellent food, we find Chick fil A to have great customer service.

A couple of days back, a couple went into a Chick fil A and the woman gave birth inside the restaurant.

If a baby is born during a flight, some airlines give the baby free flights for life. So when a baby is born inside of a Chick fil A, what’s the restaurant supposed to do? The restaurant is offering the baby free food for life and a guaranteed job when she turns 14!

What’s crazy about the story is that the restaurant was closed when Falon Griffin went into labor in the restaurant.

On the way to the hospital, Falon and her husband Robert first dropped off their two kids with a friend. They then stopped at a Chick fil A so Falon could use the bathroom. Although it was closed, staff let her in, she then went into labor.

After some complications, the baby Gracelyn and mom are doing well at the hospital.

I just want to know when the little girl can start taking up the chain on their free food for life offer!

Find out more from abc7.com here.

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