Our Encounter With The LaGuardia Airport Security Robot

LaGuardia AirportA few months back I wrote about how the LaGuardia Airport Robot was a creepy waste of money.

On the way back from our trip to St Kitts, we had to spend a night in Miami before flying back into LaGuardia Airport.

After collecting our luggage, we headed upstairs to the rideshare pickup area to meet our Lyft.

Along the way, we came across the creepy robot! The Knightscope robot was rolling through the baggage claim area so I guess its been reassigned for indoor duty.

I didn’t expect to see the LaGuardia Airport robot but I was pretty excited when we did. Lucas enjoyed seeing the robot, laughing at its site but was a bit hesitant to stand too close. Kim could care less and just wanted to get home!

As I approached the robot, it stopped briefly and did some spinning. Maybe it was recording us to see what we were up to. As we laughed, it started to roll away but I was hoping to get a photo with Lucas standing with it.

Lucas stopped before going to stand close enough for the photo and within a second, the robot rolled off. I guess the robot (or whoever monitors what it sees) saw that we were no threat and were just getting some laughs at its expense!

Have you ever come across a security robot at the airport? If so, were you curious to see what its purpose was?

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