Interesting IHG Timeshare Offer I Won’t Be Booking

IHG TimeshareI recently wrote about A Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare Offer We Couldn’t Refuse. With the offer, we’re essentially getting a free stay in Orlando for a couple of hours of our time!

Last summer, we saved around $300 in Fiji for 1.5 hours of our time.

I recently received an interesting IHG timeshare offer which we won’t be accepting.

This offer is good for only two locations- Orlando, Florida or Gatlinburg, Tennessee (a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.)

With the offer, we can get a 4 days/ 3 night stay for $199 to either destination. The offer also comes with 10,000 IHG bonus points. An additional night could get thrown in if we were to book by August 13.

When accepting this timeshare offer, you are required to attend a two hour timeshare presentation.

Overall, I find this to be a decent deal, although it doesn’t seem to be nearly as generous as the one we received from Hilton (link above).

If we weren’t already going to Orlando (due to the Hilton timeshare offer), I would’ve considered this IHG timeshare offer. And while I would love to visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I can’t see when we’d be able to visit! (We already have flights booked for trips in late September and winter break.)

Have you ever booked an IHG timeshare offer? If so, were you happy with the offer you received?

6 thoughts on “Interesting IHG Timeshare Offer I Won’t Be Booking

  1. We went to the session in Olrando and ended up buying. No buyer remorse here! Ended up buying in Gatlinburg a few years later. Great deal.

  2. I do IHG and Hilton timeshares every 12 months. It’s fairly easy to get the rep to drop the $199 (you pay the $199 up front, but get a check for $199 once you’ve completed the timeshare). Also, they will usually go up on the IHG points they throw in too.

    1. Could you share HOW you do the timeshares offers every year? Very interested in learning how it’s done.

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