LaGuardia Airport Robot Is A Creepy Waste Of Money!

LaGuardia Airport
image: knightscope

LaGuardia Airport has been a complete mess due to long needed renovations.

The airport is paying thousands of dollars per month to have a security robot make rounds around the airport.

While the robot sounds like a high-tech and futuristic idea, the NY Post says, “the bot is creeping out women while the crooks look on and laugh.

The robot, a Knightscope K5 arrived at Laguardia Airport a few months back. It patrols outside of Terminal B, recording what’s going on, using its four cameras, microphones and sensors.

Having a robot on duty isn’t cheap. The average monthly price to rent a Knighthawk can go for $6,500 to $8,300 per month. The worst part about the robot is that people are saying that it doesn’t really do its job!

The purpose of the Knightscope K5 at LGA is to “thwart the scammers and illegal cabdrivers who plague the parking lot,” according to security guards.

Those breaking the law are getting a good laugh at the expense of the robot. Illegal drivers walk around the robot and still bring people to their cars. Another driver says he didn’t even notice the robot.

Some woman feel that the robot is getting a bit too close. One woman wasn’t happy when the robot showed up and stared at her. Another woman said the robot got within 10 inches of her and stared for a minute. One security guard thinks that men have taken control of the robot so they could get a better look!

For now, the creepy robot is just being tested with a focus on “patrolling the arrivals level.”

Find out more about the LaGuardia Airport security robot here.

2 thoughts on “LaGuardia Airport Robot Is A Creepy Waste Of Money!

  1. The PANYNJ wasting money? I’m shocked. Next thing you know they’ll have the cleaning crews sleeping on the job. Oh, wait. Nevermind. They already do!

    These are the type of things that happen when you create a huge organization with dedicated revenue sources and no accountability.

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