Lyft Is Spending $100,000,000 On Hubs For Drivers


Lyft has Hubs around the country which offers support to drivers. According to, “Your local Hub is a one-stop shop for answers on everything from setting up direct deposit to discovering where you’ll get the most ride requests.”

There are currently 22 Lyft Hubs in North America.

The rideshare plans to invest $100,000,000 into the Hubs which will also include an additional 30 locations in the US.

The Hub offers drivers a community space and something like a service center. When the drivers visit, they can get cheap oil changes, some car maintenance, charging for electric vehicles and more. They also are a place for drivers to meet.

Lyft Hubs are currently open 35-40 hours per week. With the additional funds, they will soon be open 70 hours per week.

So what is driving Lyft to make such a generous investment into these Hubs?

Curbed says the company has “significant challenges, including driver retention. Lyft believes part of the solutions is taking better care of its drivers.”

I also learned from Curbed that Uber has a similar amenity for drivers called Greenlight. There are 600 of these service centers around the world.

Curbed mentions another theory as to why Lyft is interested in adding more Hubs. Their two reasons are that Hubs serve as “a backbone for autonomous vehicle deployment, or as charging stations for a future electric fleet.”

Either way, for now Lyft drivers will have more places to go to take care of business- whether it be on their vehicles or by learning from other drivers.

Find out more from Curbed here.

4 thoughts on “Lyft Is Spending $100,000,000 On Hubs For Drivers

  1. You missed the most significant observation from the article: that this investment does nothing towards addressing the number one concern drivers have, which is to increase pay. From the Curbed article: “While these new Lyft hubs and community resources do benefit drivers, they don’t address the core concern of the independent contractors who work for the company. ‘It’s really not the sexiest thing, but they just need to pay drivers more,’ Campbell told Curbed. ‘Uber and Lyft are trying to do everything they can do around the edges right now.‘“

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