What Did I Get For Saying The Kimpton Social Password?

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Earlier in the month I shared the details about where we would be staying with my IHG Anniversary Free Night. (Hint: It’s a Kimpton property…)

Before our first ever stay at a Kimpton Hotel, I came across an article on TravelUpdate by MJ On Travel. MJ shared news that the Kimpton’s social password was back.

The way the social password works is that you tell the secret word(s) to the front desk and then receive a surprise.

I wondered what the prize could be…

The Michael W Travels family checked-in to the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia yesterday. While chatting with the front desk, I mentioned the secret word but all I was met with was a confused look.

I explained that I was telling him the social password. He then replied that there currently wasn’t one. While I quickly pulled up MJ’s post to check that I read the info properly, he was very nice and told me not to worry, he’s got me (or something along those lines.)

After confirming the info I had read I told the front desk staff that the social password did start already and the words would be in use until September 3. I even offered to show him where I read the info!

I was offered a $25 credit, good for the restaurant, rooftop lounge or even room service! What’s great about this offer is that I wouldn’t have to spend any additional money to activate the credit.

What I’d still love to know is, if the front desk had known about the social password, what kind of fun surprise would it have been?!

If you’ve stayed at Kimpton properties in the past, let us know what kind of social password surprises you’ve received.

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