Woman Says American Airlines Rep Sent Offensive Text

American Airlines
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A woman is claiming that she received a vulgar text from an American Airlines representative in the customer service department after calling about a baggage issue.

The woman flew with her family from Boston to Miami where she was supposed to then take a cruise to celebrate her son’s bar mitzvah.

After getting off the plane, she realized that a garment bag was left on the plane which had her son’s suit and daughter’s dress. She then called customer service to see if the plane was still at the airport.

Upon doing so, she was told to file a complaint online. All the woman, Marla Margolis, an attorney wanted to do was chat with a person at the airport. She wasn’t interested in finding out the outcome 48 hours later.

Margolis said that the rep was not helpful and according to Fox News, she “admitted to saying a not nice thing to him right before she hung up“.

Soon after she received a disturbing text which she thought was from the rep or someone sitting next to him.

The text said, “I will put my foot up your a– you f—— wh—.”

She tried calling the number back who sent the text but the phone went to voicemail. She also alerted American Airlines of the situation. They started an investigation…

American Airlines says that they did an investigation and the phone number where the texts were sent were not associated with the airline of the rep who handled Margolis’ call. American also said that soon after Margolis’s customer service call ended, the rep was on another call.

Margolis says that the airline is not taking any accountability for the texts. Based on the investigation,  IMO it’s hard to believe that they should.

3 thoughts on “Woman Says American Airlines Rep Sent Offensive Text

  1. Mike L- I’m not sure that she made it up but it also sounds like it may’ve not had anything to do with AA.

    Steve- Good points. She was nasty to customer service and may’ve gotten a rude call in return. Definitely an odd story…

  2. Im tired of people giving lip to customer service people then crying when they get some lip back.

    Play by the rules lady or go drown in your own self pity.

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