JetBlue Delivering Pizza From Famed NYC Shop To LA For Limited Time

pizzaJetBlue, New York’s hometown airline wants to help share something great from the city with people across the country in LA.

For a very limited time, JetBlue will be flying pizza from Patsy’s in Harlem to Los Angeles and then having it delivered to some very lucky customers.

The promo is being called JetBlue Pie in the Sky!

From May 9 through May 11, JetBlue will offer cheese and pepperoni pizza from “crust to crust (coast to coast)! The pizzas will fly from JFK to LAX.

Only 350 pizzas per day will be available for purchase. The Patsy’s pizza pies will be delivered door to door to select areas in LA.

You can place you order each day at 12:00 am PDT. Those of you interested can start ordering in just 6 days.

The pizzas will be delivered hot between the hours of 7-10 pm PDT. (The pies will be made and baked in Patsy’s coal oven, packed up and then reheated in a kitchen upon arrival in LA.)

What is the cost?

A plain cheese pie will cost $12, a pepperoni pie will sell for $15. JetBlue is covering taxes, delivery fees and even the tip for the driver. This is not a bad deal at all!

There is a limit of one pie per person.

JetBlue doesn’t want you to worry that you might eat NYC pizza wrong. To help, they have a video with Spike Lee showing the do’s and don’ts of eating NY pizza!

If you aren’t familiar with Patsy’s Pizzeria in Harlem, here’s a little background.

Patsy’s was founded in 1933, serving thin crust pizza made in a coal oven. The pizzeria has a sit down restaurant as well as a small takeout space where you can order pizza by the slice. I’ve been to Patsy’s in Harlem a few times and the pizza is very good.

Would you be interested in getting in on this promo? I would but then again, I could just drive to Patsy’s in Harlem!

Find out more about the JetBlue Pie in the Sky promo here.

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