Most Ridiculous Reasons For Being Kicked Off Of A Plane

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There are many legitimate reasons for being kicked off of a plane. I think of things like being verbally or physically abusive to others on the flight, trying to self-upgrade to a premium cabin and other things along those lines.

Then there are some questionable or ridiculous reasons for being kicked off of a flight.

Smarter Travel came up with a list of 9 Outrageous Reasons To Get Kicked Off A Plane.

Let’s take a look at what made the cut.

  • Doing Math: an economist raised concerns of other passengers for doing math problems. This led to a one hour flight delay. The economist was questioned but did get to fly.
  • Going to the Bathroom: a man couldn’t hold it while the plane was on the tarmac, so he headed to the restroom. When he got back to his seat, he got booted off the plane. The airline claimed he was kicked off for not listening to the crew.
  • Period Pains: a passenger was removed from the plane when a crew member heard her complaining of menstrual cramps. The crew said that she needed to be checked out by a doctor before she could be allowed to fly!
  • Saggy Pants: there were a couple of incidents involving this issue. One involved Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong who was asked to pull up his pants before being told to leave the plane.
  • Showing Cleavage: A woman claimed she was kicked off of a Spirit flight due to a low-cut shirt but the airline says it was due to her being drunk.
  • Kissing: The L Word actress Leisha Hailey and her girlfriend were kicked off of a Southwest flight due to a kiss according to the duo. The airline claims they were removed due to using profane language and their aggressive reaction.
  • Complaining About In-Flight Movies: When the parents of two young children asked that the PG-13 movie being shown throughout the plane be switched a few times (and denied), the pilot diverted the flight due to security concerns.
  • Switching Seats: a Muslim woman asked a man to switch so she could have his aisle seat. He agreed and when he did, flight attendants told them there weren’t allowed to do so. The woman asked why and was asked to leave the plane.
  • Bringing A Birthday Cake: the flight crew asked a family to move a birthday cake from the overheard bin to under the seat in front of them. The FAs then had a disagreement which led to the family being removed.

Do you have any other ridiculous reasons why people have been kicked off of a flight? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Find out more about all of the incidents listed above here.

3 thoughts on “Most Ridiculous Reasons For Being Kicked Off Of A Plane

  1. Or trying to get social media attention because you are stupid or trying to make yourself a victim is my general favorite.
    I often wonder if airlines would have less passenger issues if alcohol wasn’t served at airports or on-board. Certainly must be part of the problem.

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