I Tried The Monthly Subscription SprezzaBox For Their Delta Airlines Box

SprezzaBoxMonthly subscription boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years.

A couple of years back, I got Kim a subscription to Birchbox. The price seemed fair and Kim got to try out a bunch of items she probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

We also got Lucas a subscription to KiwiBox, a box with activities for kids which are somewhat educational. (If you sign up with my link you’ll get $10 off and I will too after your purchase.)

There are subscription boxes for lots of interests but I’ve avoided trying any out until just recently. I kept getting ads on Facebook and Instagram for SprezzaBox.

I can’t say that I had heard of SprezzaBox before but for March they were offering The Delta Box. This got me curious. I figured for the right price I’d order one box.

SprezzaBox costs $28 per month which I’d say is a bit pricey. However, the first offer I saw was buy one, get one box free. $14 per box seemed like a fair trial price. Then I went to their site and was offered $20 off the first box.

With that offer, the box came to $8.71 with tax. For that price I couldn’t resist.

The Delta Box arrived little over a week after I placed my order.

Here is what came inside the SprezzaBox: Upon opening, there was a short note about their partnership with Delta and on the other side was a list of the box’s contents and item values. (Not sure if the prices are accurate or inflated to make the box seem like an amazing deal…)The items were neatly laid out inside. (I think I moved them around before snapping the photo above.)

Item 1: SPREZZA Necktie– Retail $30I can’t say that I wear ties frequently but I’ll definitely give this one a try the next time I need one. It’s a bit skinnier than ties I typically wear but I like the style in its kinda of dorky-cool style.

Item 2: SPREZZA Socks– Retail $12
I don’t love the color of these socks but they do feel super- soft. I can see getting use out of them since it isn’t like socks are overly noticeable when worn. As for the price, $12 retail seems a bit high.

Item 3: Sprezza Tie Clip– Retail $25Possibly my favorite item in the box, I’ve never worn a tie clip in my life but this one is pretty awesome. It looks more like a $10 item, not $25 but it will get some use eventually.

Item 4: Brickell Day Serum: Retail- $13.75I wasn’t really sure what the Brickell Day Serum is for so I had to look it up. It appears to be some sort of anti-aging serum… This looks like a sample size since the smallest size I saw online was a 1oz bottle for $55. My guess is that they divided the size by price to come up with the value.

I haven’t used it and am not sure that I will so the value of this depends on the person.

Item 5: Delta Passport Holder– Retail $13I don’t use passport holders so I could live without this item but it does go along with the travel theme. It doesn’t look bad at all but the quality feels flimsy.

I might give this away in a contest since I have no real need for it unless Lucas wants it.

Item 6: LSTN Earbuds– Retail $39.99The most expensive item in the box are these earbuds from LSTN. The brand is used on Delta One so this is a pretty cool inclusion in the box.

I couldn’t find any earbuds on LSTN’s site which sold for $39.99. From what I can tell, the included earbuds are a model called Bamboo Wembley. The thing is that that model sells for $99.99. The ones in my box look exactly like that model but what are the odds that SprezzaBox included $100 earbuds!

I haven’t yet tried them and am not sure if I will use them since I have an iPhone X. There is no headphone port and using the adapter is a bit of a pain. Maybe I’ll try them out on a future flight.

Overall, The Delta Box seems like a great value for $10 or even for the full $28 price. I cancelled my subscription right after receiving this box though since I don’t see the need for random monthly items.

Do you (or have you) subscribe to any monthly boxes? If so, do you find them to be a good value?

If you’re considering trying out SprezzaBox, find out more about the service┬áhere. (I’m not sure if you’d still receive The Delta Box.)

3 thoughts on “I Tried The Monthly Subscription SprezzaBox For Their Delta Airlines Box

  1. I pay $10 monthly for the ipsy service which is a makeup bag with 5 makeups monthly. It’s gonba be a year and for $10 I love getting random stuff catered to my skin type and complexion plus i have so much stuff I usually have gifts for my nieces when they visit

  2. I’ve gotten the Sprezzabox for a while now and did enjoy getting them every month (I actually cancelled the month before this box since I no longer have to wear ties daily and signed up again for the month since it was more aviation-themed). I knew I wanted new headphones (and liked the LSTN ones I got from Birchbox Men before) and a new passport case. The headphones don’t seem as good of quality as the ones I got from Birchbox – and they’re most likely custom made for Sprezzabox/Birchbox at a bargain price point with lower quality sound and materials. I do love the tie clip, though, and will definitely be wearing that soon.

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