WWE Wrestler Stuck in Airplane Bathroom, Had To Be Rescued!

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screen grab: Instagram @heathslater_xxii

Over the summer, a helicopter carrying the WWE’s Shane McMahon made an emergency landing in the ocean.

Recently, a WWE wrestler had to be rescued from an airplane bathroom during a flight!

WWE wrestler Heath Slater was flying to Miami, Florida for a Monday Night Raw event on December 30 when the situation took place. During the flight, Slater went to use the lavatory when the door lock got stuck.

Slater had to be rescued by the crew who broke him out of the bathroom, “by unhinging the bathroom door and then forcefully unlatching the lock with a screwdriver“, according to Fox News.

Another WWE wrestler, Curtis Axel was traveling with Slater and filmed some of the ordeal. As a crew member tries to get the door open you can hear Axel saying “Don’t let him out. He’s a vicious animal.” While this is going on you can see others laughing at this ridiculous situation.

When Slater is finally freed, the wrestler is seen leaning on the sink, shaking his head. At least he had a smile on his face.

For those of you wondering, Slater made it to his wrestling match on New Year’s Day and lost.

There were a couple of things about the scenario I wondered:

  1. Did the Slater try to force his way out of the bathroom?
  2. Did he receive some sort of compensation for the trouble he had to go through? (How about some airline miles!)

Find out more from Fox News here.

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