Sweet Deal! JCrew $25 Off $25 Purchase!

JCrewA couple of months back Kim got a really awesome $50 off $50 offer from JCrew in the mail. Kim made use of the offer which seemed like a nice gift from the store.

Last weekend, the Michael W Travels family stopped by JCrew to see if there were any good post- holiday sales going on.

While Kim and I didn’t see anything of interest, Lucas found a shirt which he really liked.

The shirt itself was a great deal. The original price was 29.50, definitely not cheap for a kids shirt. However, it was on sale for $15.99 and the store was offering 50% off items on sale. This brought the total to $8.00.

While waiting on line to pay, I heard one cashier ask the customer ahead of me if they’d like to sign up for e-mail from JCrew. For doing so, they’d receive an additional 15% off.

I went to the next register and the cashier automatically included the additional 15% off, making Lucas’s shirt cost $7.11 with tax!

Then I was handed a card. I couldn’t imagine it being anything worthwhile. Boy was I wrong.JCrewOnce I took the card, I noticed that it was offering $25 off my next purchase along with free shipping and returns.

The best part of the offer is that the $25 savings does not come with a need to hit any sort of minimum spend. It’s literally $25 in free money to spend at JCrew!

Some Rules:

  • The offer might only be given out at NY area JCrews. (We were shopping in Long Island and the card is advertising a new store at the Americanna Manhasset.)
  • The discount is good in JCrew stores and online
  • The offer is not good at JCrew Factory
  • The offer is good until April 27, 2018

So in the end, Lucas’s $7 shirt got me a return of $25! That’s an $18 profit which I’m sure we’ll be able to use on a future purchase.

Did anyone else receive this offer at a JCrew store? If so, I’d love to hear where you received it.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Deal! JCrew $25 Off $25 Purchase!

  1. Strikes me as click bait and as sort of pointless as a post. Your blog — a blog about TRAVEL — is usually above this.

    1. r- As much as my blog is about travel, I still do like to share deals. Sorry you find this to be click bait, but a similar post about an even better deal was received well so why would I not share this one?

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