Sleeping Woman Sexually Assaulted During Spirit Airlines Flight

spirit airlines
image: Fox News (Wayne County Sheriff’s Office)

A 22 year-old woman woke up to a man sitting next to her sexually assaulting her.

The flight was flying from Las Vegas to Detroit where the man “was arrested upon landing,” according to Fox News. The man, Prabhu Ramamoorthy was charged with aggravated sexual abuse.

While the situation is horrific, the Detroit News reports that Ramamoorthy, “attacked her while his wife sat in the next seat.”

Details of the assault are disturbing to say the least. According to reports, the woman woke up to a hand in her pants. She also said that her pants were unbuttoned and her shirt was also untied. When she woke up, the man stopped touching her. She then reported what happened to a flight attendant.

Initially, Ramamoorthy told authorities that he was sleeping, saying the woman fell asleep on him. He was also not aware of where he put his hands. He eventually said that he “might have” unhooked her bra and cupped her clothed breast. He also said that he put a finger in her pants.

Ramamoorthy is from India and has worked in Metro Detroit for the past two years.

Fox News and Detroit News report that Spirit Airlines is fully cooperating with law enforcement.

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