Passenger Spreads Poop In Plane’s Bathrooms, United Airlines Flight Diverted!

United Airlines
image: Aero Shots

A United Airlines flight had to be diverted due to an extremely shitty situation yesterday.

United Flight 895 was supposed to fly from Chicago to Hong Kong. However, it needed to land in Anchorage due to a “passenger smearing feces everywhere“, according to T+L.

The male passenger spread poop in a couple of the plane’s bathrooms and also took off his shirt and tried to shove it down the toilet.

United Airlines told the Washington Post that, “the unscheduled stop was due to a disruptive passenger.” Disruptive is probably the most polite way to put it…

The passenger cooperated with the crew and was questioned when the United Airlines plane landed in Anchorage. He also underwent a psych eval and (surprisingly) no charges were filed.

The airline had to put up the plane’s 245 passengers in hotels in Anchorage since the plane was “grounded for maintenance.” I definitely feel for those given the responsibility of cleaning the poop from the bathrooms and I’d really like to know how many passengers thought to themselves, Oh Shit!

According to T+L, the United flight was supposed to leave Anchorage today.

This isn’t the first time that poop caused trouble during a flight. Back in 2015, a stinky poop caused a plane to turn around.

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