Anthony Bourdain Banned From Entering Azerbaijan

Anthony Bourdain
Image: CNN

The new season of the Anthony Bourdain show Parts Unknown is half way through. He still has some interesting destinations coming up over the next month.

Anthony Bourdain isn’t afraid to share his opinions on his show and in life. My guess is that he probably has a hard time following the rules.

While filming a future episode, Bourdain got himself banned from the country Azerbaijan.

An episode of Parts Unknown was being filmed about “Armenian cuisine and culture,” according to Grubstreet. During the filming, Bourdain decided to take a helicopter to get into the disputed territory of Nagorno- Karabakh which is officially located inside Azerbaijan.

Armenia says that the area “is an autonomous, majority ethnic Armenian state.”

There’s been lots of trouble between Azerbaijan and Armenia which led to war in 1992. During this time thousands of people died. Grubstreet mentions how, “they’re still holding peace talks to end the conflict.”

Visiting Nagorno-Karabakh isn’t so simple. If you don’t get the proper permission to go, Azerbaijan will add you to their blacklist and you’ll never be able to enter again. Regardless of this, Anthony Bourdain got into a helicopter and flew to the region.

Bourdain was banned due to “his “disrespect of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,

Find out more from Grubstreet here.

3 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain Banned From Entering Azerbaijan

  1. Red Song- For sure, be careful if you go or you could get banned from Azerbaijan.

    John J- i believe he went to try some sort of food which was recommended to him.

  2. Why did he go? You don’t mention why. Is he now claiming to be Armenian? He’s previously stated his family has roots in Uruguay —–

  3. Bourdain. Ha! Just stick him in a third-world country where there is raw sewage in the streets and everything is right with the world again. I’m going to have to remember this next time I’m renting a helicopter to go to the disputed territory of Nagorno- Karabakh from Azerbaijan.

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