Southwest Airlines Flew Cabin Full of Shelter Animals From Houston

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Hurricane Harvey created a big need for shelter space for animals in the Houston area.

The Huffington Post reported that space was “needed for pets whose owners have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey“.

To create space in the shelters, a little help was provided by Southwest Airlines in partnership with the Helen Woodward Center. You’re probably wondering how an airline could help?

The airline flew around 80 cats and dogs already living in shelters in Houston to California, freeing up space in the crowded shelters. The animals flew to San Diego on a “donated Southwest flight“.

This isn’t the first time that Southwest Airlines helped animals out after a big storm. In 2012, the airline partnered with the Helen Woodward Center, moving 60 cats and dogs after Hurricane Sandy out of New Jersey. They also helped move animals back in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.

After reading about this generous gesture from Southwest Airlines, I assumed it was a unique situation. However, it turns out that 180 cats and dogs were flown by Wings of Rescue from Texas to Illinois this past week. And more flights are being planned to for animals in Florida due to Hurricane Irma.

It’s nice to hear that an airline is helping to save these animals which otherwise may’ve been put down due to overcrowding and little chance of finding a home in these storm- damaged areas.

Find out more from the Huff Post here.

3 thoughts on “Southwest Airlines Flew Cabin Full of Shelter Animals From Houston

  1. Even more reason to “LUV” Southwest Airlines.  For as much as airlines can (and do) screw up in normal circumstances, it is heartwarming to hear of stories like this when they go the extra mile and show compassion.

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