Bison Will Roam At Denver Airport

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When you make a trip to Denver Airport there could be a new attraction to see on the drive in.

There’s a “plan to allow bison from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge to roam on over 200 acres of land belonging to the airport“, according to Fox News.

The bison won’t be getting in the way of planes on the runway as they’ll only be allowed to roam up to the road you take to the terminal, Pena Boulevard.

This is just a proposal so far. Some pretty important details still need to be ironed out, mainly how to prevent the bison from getting onto the road while still allowing people to view them. One idea by Governor John Hickenlooper is to have viewing stations which overlook the 16,000-acre refuge.

After 18 calves were born this year, the herd’s numbers are at 122 and they expect to bring another 25 to the refugee this year.

One big problem with allowing the bison to roam freely has been “the decrease of open prairie land due to widespread city expansion and agriculture.”

During our trip to South Dakota back in 2012, we loved seeing the bison roaming on the roads and in Custer State Park. Seeing bison along the road to Denver Airport sounds like an interesting addition to the area and one that I’d love to see.

Find out more from Fox News here.

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