Check In For Your United Flight with Alexa

image: wikicommons

We don’t typically check in for our flights until we arrive at the airport. I’m not a fan of mobile boarding passes so I’d rather go to a kiosk or wait on a line to get my boarding pass.

An interesting new option just became available for those checking into United flights. The nice thing about it is that you can check in “without the touch of a finger“, according to a United press release which I recently received.

Besides checking in for a United flight with your Alexa-enabled device, you can also learn about your flight by asking questions. The press release mentions that you can ask questions like, “Alexa, ask United what is the status of my flight to San Francisco?” Pretty cool!

You can also find out about amenities onboard your United flight like if the plane has power outlets. When an Alexa user connects MileagePlus with Alexa, they’ll be able to check in for their domestic flights.

You can find out about United flights with Alexa- enabled devices like the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot and similar things can be asked “when enabling the United skill in the Alexa app.”

I wonder if a similar option will eventually be created for those of us with iPhones?

Overall, this sounds like a useful and fun way to make use of Alexa. Nice job United.

Find out more about the new way to use Alexa on your United flight here.

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