Hotel Rents Out Fish To Guests Looking For Company

a goldfish in a bowl
image: @mich_cooke Twitter

I love coming across fun and bizarre stories related to travel and Kim recently sent me a great one.

Some hotels will give you various amenities as a courtesy if you forget them at home. One hotel wants to help you out if you’re feeling lonely and need a friend…

You’ve got to be wondering what I’m talking about.

There’s a Belgian hotel that is “offering to rent lonely guests a fish for €3.50 a night.”

Upon reading  the headline, my first reaction was to laugh. Next, I had thoughts like WTFweird publicity stunt?

The Independent mentions that The Hotel Charleroi, in Gosselies, “fish friend programme caught the imagination of the internet after radio producer Michelle Cook tweeted a picture of the fishbowl and sign.”

The tweet has been retweeted over 13,000 times and some people like the idea saying they’d want to rent a fish out while others don’t feel that it’s right to rent out animals.

The fish friend program “has been running for several years and is popular with guests” according to the hotel manager, David Dillen (as told to the Independent).

What do you think about the fish friend program? If we were to visit the hotel, I’m sure the Michael W Travels family would be renting out a fish. It’s got to be a fun amenity for families!

Find out more from the Independent here.

3 thoughts on “Hotel Rents Out Fish To Guests Looking For Company

    1. Michael W – its the Monaco properties; however, if you’re staying in a non-Monaco property that also has a Monaco property nearby, they’ll usually coordinate with one another and have a fish brought over to the non-Monaco property.

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