Baggage Handler Purposely Sent Luggage To Wrong Destinations

luggageMany people will never check their luggage but it isn’t always possible when you’re traveling with kids.

The main benefits of bringing your bags as a carry-on are saving time by not having to wait for them when the plane lands, not having to pay to check them and knowing that they’ll definitely make it to the destination.

Here’s another reason why it might be better to bring your luggage as a carry-on.

A baggage handler at Singapore’s Changi Airport is being accused of sending luggage around the world to the wrong destinations. While this is absolutely ridiculous and crazy, I have to admit that I did laugh when I first read about this.

The 63 year-old man, Tay Book Keh is a contract employee at the airport and first started sending luggage to the wrong destinations back in November 2016. TL reports that, “He allegedly continued every day for about three months before being caught.”

Tay has been charged with 286 counts of mischief. He sent the luggage to the wrong destinations by “swapping the tags.”

The airport says that there hasn’t been any breach of security but they have “increased access control to the baggage handling area, as well as increased CCTV security.”

Tay can be looking at a year in prison plus fees for each charge if he’s convicted.

Do you check or carry-on your luggage? For us, it really depends on the length of the trip.

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