Oops! Mom Takes Daughter’s Passport On Trip, Gets Stuck In Spain!

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A 37 year-old British woman made a big mistake which turned her bargain birthday trip into a much pricier holiday.

Kelly Goodger went with a friend to celebrate her birthday at the Spanish resort of Magaluf which is on the island of Majorca. After arriving on the island, she realized that she had traveled on her 15 year-old daughter’s passport!

Goodger is blaming airport security and the airline for her costly mistake which is definitely an interesting scenario. (More on that later.)

Her £400 trip ended up costing an additional £1,200 when she wasn’t allowed to board her flight home due to holding the wrong passport.

Goodger is blaming airport security for allowing her to board the Ryanair flight with her daughter’s passport. Her daughter is 22 years younger and also has a different last name so I can see her point in being upset. She also says that the passport was scanned three times by the airline, at the entrance to duty free and at Palma airport.

After enjoying four days on the island, she headed to the airport and was shocked when the rep for Monarch Airlines saw that the passport was for a child.

Since she wasn’t allowed to fly home, she spent the night at the airport and booked one of her son’s “on the first flight she could afford – which arrived two days later“, according to Yahoo News.

Taking the wrong passport ended up costing Goodger quite a bit- £80 for her son’s Easyjet flight, £70 for a hotel, another £160 for their return flights on Jet2  and this doesn’t include more for food and drink!

The question is who is responsible for checking to bring the correct passport for a flight- the passenger or the airport? If you ask me, I’d say both are negligent in this case but the blame still has to be with the individual. Security at Stansted Airport should definitely be investigated to make sure they are more thorough when checking passenger’s passports in the future.

In this situation who would you blame for this mistake and added expense?

Find out more from Yahoo News here.

6 thoughts on “Oops! Mom Takes Daughter’s Passport On Trip, Gets Stuck In Spain!

  1. No- It does sound pretty ridiculous.

    Matt B- LOL

    Charlie- Right- I see blame on both sides.

    Nat- Right!

    Run_Along- I didn’t understand why he needed to fly there either.

  2. I don’t believe this. Why wouldn’t her son overnight the passport and ship it to her. It would be so much cheaper. Doesn’t make sense.

  3. Wow! While she is at fault, ultimately, for taking the wrong passport, this is also on Ryanair from a paperwork perspective. When departing Stansted Airport on Ryanair (for outside UK), you cannot board without first going to the counter and getting your documents checked and boarding pass stamped. It should have been caught there since that is their job to check ID.
    I feel really bad for her as this is definitely a mistake many could make!

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