You Can Now Reserve A Private Bathroom In NYC With An App


Sometimes you can’t hold it in and you just gotta go. Yes, I’m talking about the bathroom!

When your out and about and need a bathroom, your options can be limited. You can try to find a Starbucks, go into a store which might have a public bathroom or go into a restaurant. However, some of these businesses will probably have a sign up stating that using the restroom is only for the use of customers.

A few years back I wrote a post about A Few Apps For When You Just Gotta Go.

TimeOutNY recently shared some very interesting news about a new app which allows you to “reserve private bathrooms across NYC.” Generally speaking, nobody wants to pay a fee if they don’t have to, but if you need to use a bathroom and aren’t sure where to go, then this app might be a good option for you.

The app is called Rockaloo and through it, you can purchase a pass to use the private bathrooms at businesses around NYC.

Rockaloo is very new, having launched in August but it already has 130 businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens available to rent bathrooms at and more should be added soon.

The app has a map which shows available bathrooms along with their prices, ranging from .99¢ to $8.99. After you make your purchase, you have an hour to get to the business. You show a pass on the app and then get access to the bathroom.

I can see businesses charging a $1 or $2 for this service, but $8.99- you might as well go buy something at a Starbucks or in a restaurant!

Would you be interested in paying to rent a restroom of a private business?

Find out more from TimeOut NY here.

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