Actor Jaden Smith Says Four Seasons Hotel Spiked His Pancakes

jaden smith

Jaden Smith, the actor best known for being Will Smith’s son is claiming that the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto spiked his pancakes!

Yahoo mentions that the actor “had a near-death experience while in Toronto, Canada.”

Most of you are probably wondering what a high-end hotel would spike someone’s pancakes with, right? Cheese, yes cheese was allegedly added to the pancakes.

Jaden Smith was staying at the Four seasons in Toronto while filming his latest movie.

Smith tweeted on May 28 how the hotel made him want to throw up (on himself). In the article, Yahoo is not sure if the actor is lactose intolerant or just doesn’t like cheese!

Smith then says that he was kicked out of the hotel. In reality, Smith wanted to extend his stay but all of the rooms at the hotel were already booked.

So did the Four Seasons really spike Jaden Smith’s pancakes? Odds are pretty high that they didn’t. Yahoo mentions that he “may have ordered the hotel’s Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes, which yes… contain cheese.” That explains it!

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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