Two Caught At JFK Airport With $380,000 in Cocaine Taped To Legs

JFK Airport

Last month US Customs and Border Protection found over $160K worth of cocaine taped to a man’s leg at JFK Airport.

This clearly wasn’t a great plan as the man was caught. The funny thing is that getting caught clearly wasn’t a deterrent to others.

Gothamist reports that US Customs and Border Protection officers caught two passengers on the same flight on April 19th trying to bring cocaine taped to their legs again.

The flight was flying from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to New York’s JFK Airport.

Ariel Garcia, a US citizen was brought to a private search room where officers found packages taped to his legs. The powder tested positive for cocaine. In total, Garcia had 11 pounds of cocaine with a street value of $180,000 on him.

Elvin Montilla- Sosa, a Dominican citizen was found to have around 12 pounds of cocaine taped to his legs and back. The drugs have a street value of $200,000.

There was no mention in the article about whether or not the two men knew each other. I find it to be a bit strange if it just happens to be a coincidence.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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